Monday, August 20, 2012

No Excuses - Things are GOOD.

I have no excuse for my lack of posting.

Except for this:

We are thoroughly enjoying this Summer.  We go out on the boat EVERY chance we get.

When we have "down time" we are crabbing, polishing, waxing, and equiping Ma'alahi for the future.

We just purchased a used 9hp 2 stroke Yamaha outboard to replace our existing 4hp motor.  We are actively looking for a used watermaker (with the expectation that it will need a new membrane).

Things are good.  Life is awesome.

Stay tuned...   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island & Roche Harbor, (SJI) - July Boat Trip, Part 2 -

On day two of our trip (Saturday) we motored from Spencer Spit (Lopez Island) to Prevost Harbor at the north end of Stuart Island.  The trip took exactly three hours and we saw porpoise and sea lions while underway.

Photo - Wikipedia
Photo - San Juan Islands Website
Our anchorage in Prevost Harbor was relatively crowded, but we were able to find a good place and set anchor without much trouble.  K lead us in an, impressive to us, one mile loop hike to Reed Harbor and back.  T carried M (28 pounds) on his shoulders. 

We had a great time in Prevost with the exception of an un-courteous "stink-potter" motor boat that ran their generator for three hours and spread nasty exhaust around the harbor.  The fumes were so bad that we had to leave the cockpit.  There was ZERO wind and the air was stagnant to begin with.  Oh well.

Lighthouse on the north end of Stuart Island
 On Sunday morning (T's 30th birthday) we headed southbound to the Seattle Yacht Club outstation on Henry Island (right across from Roche Harbor).  While underway, we saw some large shipping traffic (likely headed toward Vancouver, BC?).  Although not at all rare, this is the first time, aboard our boat, that we have encountered container ships as large as this.

To celebrate T's birthday, we dinghied over to Roche Harbor and had a casual (the only realistic low stress option with two toddlers) dinner at Roche's Lime Kiln Cafe.

Fine dining at Lime Kiln Cafe
My handsome thirty-year-old husband (kids reflecting off sunglasses)
Baby M on the dinghy ride home - the term "Lady Killer" is often used to describe his piercing eyes. 

M - 13 Months
Miss K is coming along well with her talking - she says "I talk so nice Mama" - K wishing her Daddy a Happy Birthday: