Friday, July 27, 2012

Spencer Spit State Park, Lopez Island - July Boat Trip, Part 1 -

On the weekend, starting July 6th, we were blessed with amazing weather, and headed out for a weekend of relaxation, recreation, and celebration (T's big 3-0 birthday).  

On Friday, after T got home from work, we motored to Spencer Spit State Park.  It took about two hours to get there and we anchored on the north end of the spit.

Spencer Spit State Park - Photo from Washing State Park's website.

This was our first experience anchoring aboard Ma'alahi.  We took it slow, and successfully set anchor.  We try to make each new experience we have aboard uneventful and successful.  Shortly after turning off the engine, one of our anchored neighbors drifted by us at a good 2-3 knots.  T used our air-horn to try to get the other boat's attention, unsuccessfully, and then proceeded to dinghy over and knock on their hull.  They had no idea that they had moved a good 200 yards from their original spot.  Whew!  That experience made us a little paranoid.  

Sun setting - view from Ma'alahi's cockpit.

View, through the spit, of the boats anchored on the south side of the spit.
We have been (slowly) checking items off of our cruising/general maintenance to-do list.  We were able to take advantage (FINALLY) of using our newly serviced outboard engine on our dinghy.  After the kiddos were asleep, I dinghy'd out into the channel and was able to ketch a photo of a mama seal and her pup... it is quiet moments like these (not taking into consideration the not so soothing hum of the outboard), that I feel far removed from urban civilization.  PRICELESS.

Mama seal with her seal pup.
 The next morning we took the kiddos (and Buddy Dog) to the beach, on the spit, and explored, combed, and lounged for a few hours.  M is still not walking (late bloomer) and, literally, crawled into the water! 

I can't help but wonder, in a positive way, about all of the things the kids are learning through these nature focused experiences.  T and I took turns walking up and down the spit with K.  K continues to talk-up a storm and enjoy every beach we go to.  Whenever we are out on the boat she says that we are "goin-to-the-beach, goin-to-the-beach mommy (or daddy)" - she gets so excited. 

Happy Baby M - 13 Months -

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