Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Trip Away From the Dock

I am still getting caught up on everything we accomplished LAST weekend.  Last Sunday, after installing the starboard side Ma'alahi decal, we got the boat out of the harbor to warm the engine up and enjoy the summer like weather.

Leaving Friday Harbor
I definitely have the itch to take our home somewhere warm, tropical, and beachy.  However, as the weather in our area starts to turn to Spring, I remind myself that we LIVE in a boating "Mecca".  We know of a lot of couples that have sailed AROUND.THE.WORLD. and they have chosen to live on San Juan Island.  So - it is days like this that I remind myself to be thankful for and explore where we are right now. 

K says, "Ma-Booowt Maddy (hybrid mommy/daddy)"

Steering for T while he checks the decks.

M - appears to be enjoying himself.
Life is good. 

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