Thursday, April 19, 2012

Storage Unit Move - Day 1 -

Keeping it brief.  Progress from day one (which consisted of 2.5 hours with the kids at grandma's). 
Old Unit - Day 1

New Unit - Day 1
I am, literally, trying to pack the unit to the ceiling.  I am kind of sad that it is necessary to pack things so meticulously.  I wish we had less stuff.  We will soon have all our belongings inside a 10'X10'X10' space.  Something that most Americans probably cannot do. 

There is going to be a lot of re-organization at the new unit.  It is hard to move things, that were on shelves at the old unit, over to the new unit because I have to move the stuff before I can move the actual shelves.  It is a puzzle.

Oddly enough, I am getting the same rush that I used to get when I move from one house or apartment to another.  I love reorganizing things and taking inventory of things.  It is very cleansing.  

Back to work.  :)

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