Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lacking creativity. On vacation. Bye!

I swear I have been working hard on posts with useful and relevant content.

Unfortunately (for the blog), most of my spare time over the last two weeks has been spent unpacking from our Oregon trip and packing (again) for our vacation to Playa del Carmen (near Cancun) Mexico.

Packing (with airport luggage restrictions) is difficult when you need to responsibly plan for all the scenarios one can encounter with a baby and toddler.  Did I mention they BOTH will be sitting on our laps for the nine hour travel?!  (which happens to be on our five year wedding anniversary... romantic!!)

If I had had the time over the last two weeks, I would have posted about how we lost our diesel hydronic heater on Sunday.  It does not "fire" and makes a funny noise before going silent.  We had someone look at it today... it will either be cheap or expensive to fix... (thanks).  We will know more soon and hopefully have our heat back when we return from our vacation. 

I will actively post starting in February. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

Hasta luego! 

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