Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making Ma'alahi Home.

Our family recently has experienced a major quality-of-life-improvement aboard.  T and I had been talking about getting a rug in our "family area" ever since we purchased Ma'alahi.  I fell in love with a simple and affordable (think Black Friday deal) rug at Home Depot.  We received it as a Christmas gift from my in laws.  

After rug... everyone is happy!
The rug matches the upholstery nicely and has made the kid's play area more warm and comfortable for everyone.  M now has an area that he can practice sitting up (and falling down) as well as a space that he can learn to crawl (the floor is far to slippery for him).  

I was worried that I would need to keep a vacuum aboard (I even brought one down to the boat from the storage unit).  I have found that I can get the rug nice and clean with an aggressive sweep of the broom. 

I also explored the option of installing foam puzzle tiles (from a baby supply store).  Something to keep in mind if you are researching all options.  

I am, however, happy with our decision to go with the rug - I have dreams of entertaining in the (distant) future and would like to have the option to make our main living area look like a living room... not an amusement park. 

Before rug.

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