Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Living Area = All Incluse Amusement Park

Baby equipment is a funny thing.  It (generally) takes up a lot of space.  But ... oh the SANITY that comes with it.  I thought it might be helpful to include a sequence of photos showing how our space changes throughout the day.
Open floor play time.
You can see the Pack n' Play, Bumbo (chair), and "high" chair stored (on the left settee). 
M in his Pack n' Play (where he sleeps at night).
During the day, M naps in the master stateroom in his blue bouncy chair (which he has basically outgrown).  I am waiting for his new tent to come in the mail (it will provide a consistent night and daytime sleep solution).  More to come on that soon.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
I have a request out to get an additional "high" chair for M - he has outgrown the Bumbo and can get out of it. 
Folding Jumper - Active Play.
I found the Baby Einstein folding jumper/activity center on Craigslist for $30.  It has been a great break (for me).  We store the jumper in the "cave" of the galley/pantry area when not in use.  It does not get in the way of the pantry cupboards. 
Jumper stored in "cave" (on left) when not in use.
I recently discovered this folding jumper/activity center (which I LOVE for our situation): 

Kidco Go-Pod
It is priced at $50 - how perfect for a family limited in space!?!

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