Friday, February 10, 2012

Vacation Recap - Mexico -

The kids helped us celebrate our last full day in Cancun (Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen) Mexico by waking up at 5AM (3AM Pacific time).  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Mexico, but we were definitely ready to get back into a concrete and predictable routine.  The first week and a half of our trip was amazing.  The last few days made us ready to go home. 

K & M
Now that we are back home, I have been able to gain perspective and separate myself from the last few days of our trip (which left a bit of a sour taste in our mouths). 

Coastal Mexico is beautiful.  I can see why a lot of expatriates choose to live there.  This was the first time I have visited the Caribbean side of the country.  The Yucatan Peninsula is very flat (topographically) but is full of amazing Mayan ruins and tons of very intricate cultural history. 

Tulum was, by far, one of the most beautiful historical sites I have ever been to.

I was a little bummed that we did not see Chitzen Itza, which is considered to be one of the "seven wonders of the world" - the bus tour to and from this site was 12 hours long.  T and I did not feel comfortable having my mom watch the kids for that long (for her sake…. I know the kids would be absolutely fine).  Maybe next time. 

The water of the Caribbean was breathtaking.  I really hope that someday we can experience it fully aboard a boat. 

No more "vacations" until May (when T and I are taking a four day weekend to celebrate his "big 3-0").  The last few months have been full of amazing blessings and travel opportunities.

We are definitely happy to be home.  We have a lot of work to do at our storage unit (we are hoping to downsize from our 12'X24' unit (with loft) to a heated 10'x10' unit) as well as a lot of projects to work on aboard the boat.  I am hoping that T and I can find a balance as far as a maintenance routine and hopefully get to know all the intricacies of our boat through minor (famous last words) projects.
It is good to be home.

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