Monday, February 6, 2012

Child Proofing the Boat - baby gates -

We moved aboard Ma'alahi in May 2011 (when we came home from the hospital with newborn baby M).  We quickly realized that we would need something substantial to keep K from going up the companionway stairs.  The first gate we used was a tall tension gate intended for a dog.  Although this was effective, it was not at all comfortable (especially after just having a baby) to climb over nor was it practical to uninstall every time I needed to get through.

Tension gate - May 2011 (newborn baby M on the settee)
I found a not-as-tall gate, at that is perfect for our situation.  It cost $40 including shipping.  The gate has a door that is easy (for T and I) to open and close, and is stable.

Walmart's "extra wide" Carlson Pet Products gate
I looked into purchasing this gate directly from the manufacturer's website (to avoid Walmart) and it was priced at $70+!?!  Walmart it is! 

I also looked into and was interested in retractable gates that would allow for more flexibility as far as blocking access to an odd shaped or larger area.

Manufacturer Photo from Retract-A-Gate (website)
Happy hunting! 


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