Thursday, January 5, 2012

Loving Life - Holiday Recap

K on Christmas morning

Our Christmas and New Year's was spent in Black Butte Oregon.  The holidays were a great retreat and break from our everyday routine.  Aside from all of the actual traveling (8 hour drive each way), T and I were able to relax and spend a lot of time sharing ideas and excitement for our future.  

Because we are living aboard, we have been given the ability for me to stay at home with the kids as well as the opportunity for T to take time off work (which allows us to go on trips and spend more time together as a family).  We are able to expose our kids to different areas and get them outdoors.  

K in the snow (happy!)
K with Grandma (not so happy)

Black Butte is located in Central Oregon's high desert.  There is usually a lot of snow there this time of year.  There was no snow AT.ALL. and we had a few days that were in the high 50's (?!?!?!).  Hoodoo Ski Resort is located about 10 miles away from Black Butte.  T went skiing the first day the resort opened (it opened for two days and then had to shut down due to rain and lack of snow).  Apparently there is a shortage of snow everywhere.  

Anyhow.  Many memories were made and quality time spent with family. 
K and M appearing to play together (YAY!!)
K helped to decorate the tree.

Buddy and M having "Tummy Time"

The Craziness

M is sitting up!

K starting to realize that Christmas is pretty cool.
Sunrise on Christmas.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2012!

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