Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo of the Week - Happy Holidays!

Ma'alahi Decor
Merry Christmas from the Ma'alahi Family!  We are spending Christmas (and the following week) at T's family's condo in Black Butte Oregon. 

As a side note... how hard is it to travel with kids?!? 

It was not easy (AT.ALL) to fit a family of four (including two babies), all our clothes, Christmas tree, 80 pound labrador (and kennel), said labrador's food, Christmas gifts, skis (there is no snow here…), infant jumper, pack n' play, K's tent (which is very compact), and food into our car (and Thule cargo rooftop bin).  It took me four days to pack and repack everything so that it fit just right.  

M with Santa

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