Monday, December 19, 2011

Lighted Boat Parade

We love all (well... mostly all) the quirkiness that comes along with living in a small town.  We have lived on San Juan Island since 2007 and have come to embrace local community events and celebrations.  

This is the first year that we have attended the lighted boat parade.  I saw few signs posted around town about the event so I expected there would be substantial participation by at least a few of the many hundreds of boaters in our community. 

There were FIVE hearty boaters that participated in our island's grand parade.  

I have to give it to them.  It was cold, dark, and a little windy.  We didn't consider participating... thought never crossed my mind.  Taking our boat out IN.THE.DARK. with two small kids.  NO.THANKS.

The five boats circled the area out in front of the aquarium dock twice.  A good hundred people were watching.  On the first pass, the Sheriff boat dropped Santa Claus off, on the dock.  Santa was welcomed with Christmas carols and screaming children.  Totally cute to hear (we were not on the main dock). 

Parade Participant (you could hear a portable generator running as they motored by)
The parade definitely got me into a nautical holiday mood.  I put a few strings of white lights on the stern of Ma'alahi and hung some adorable (and totally cool!) sailcloth stockings we received as a gift.  Photos to follow.

I am hoping to come up with some more creative holiday ideas for next year.  My understanding is that lighting a sailboat is much easier than it looks.  My main concern is with lights getting tangled around things in a wind storm.... we will see (but not this year). 

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