Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Infant Life Jackets Continued... Black Friday Steal!

M is six months old and getting SO.BIG.  He currently weighs in at 22 lbs (only 2 pounds less than his Big Sis K).  I had had just about enough of his Stearns jacket (see Infant Life Jackets): 
M laying down in the Stearns
M sitting up in the Stearns vest - AHHHH!!!
I promised myself that I would invest in a Salus life vest once M reached 20lbs.

Right after Thanksgiving, we were strolling by the marine supply store and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sign - "30% of EVERYTHING in the store" - we jumped on the offer and got vest for about $50. 
Look at all the neck room!
Handsome and happy in his new Salus jacket.
M laying down in the Salus vest.
So far, so good - totally worth the investment!  The Salus Nimbus is clearly well made and more comfortable to wear than any vests I have tried with the kiddos.  For additional information, you can visit the Salus website at

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