Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We have moved!

To a new slip that is.  

T got us on a waiting list to move to the very popular and much larger (wider) "main dock" at the port.  We were really surprised when the port offered us a slip in mid October.  The prior tenant left their dock box (yay!) which easily stores the stroller (no more lugging the stroller on and off the boat!). 
Our new home.
The view.
We did not realize all of the benefits of our new spot until we moved.  The dock is extra wide.  We are able to step right off the boat into an area large enough for K to run around a little bit (in a life jacket and heavily supervised of course). 
WIDE dock.
The distance from the car to the boat is much shorter and we have the added bonus of being able to drive down the dock (to the ramp) to unload kids/groceries without having to get the stroller all set up. 
The port's main dock.
Our old (first) slip was on a normal dock that was much more narrow: 

Our slip had a utility unit right where one would typically have a dock box. 
Old slip.
There are a lot of little things that we did not consider when we got our first slip assignment.  Moving the boat (about 200 feet) was different than I expected.  We are meeting new people and neighbors, we have more sun in the afternoon, and for some reason Ma'alahi does not get rocked nearly as much (if at all) when the ferry comes and goes.  It kind of feels similar to when you move to a new home and neighborhood - except, in our case, we moved our home to a new neighborhood. 

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