Monday, November 28, 2011

Sell Sell Sell!

We just survived Garage Sale/Flea Market #4!  Here is a picture of the storage unit before the sale:
On the way to the sale: (gorgeous sunrise)
The set up:
We choose to participate in the local flea market/craft fair (at the fairgrounds) instead of doing a personal garage sale (at the storage unit).  For a nominal fee of $30, we are provided with a booth, table, and free advertising (no need to worry about people showing up!).  We were able to sell approximately half of the things we had on display.  I proceeded to donate about 25% of the remaining things to the local thrift store.

I have found that, no matter how popular and current books are, people do not buy them (I dropped the books off at a local used books store so that we can earn store credit on future book purchases).  I have given up on selling the remote control sailboat and am going to be consigning it at a local store (they will take 50% of the sales price).

In terms of material possession that we are prepared to part with, we are only truly left with some well loved used furniture.  

Our hope is to get out of our HUGE storage unit (see post) and into a smaller unit with heat. 

We will be participating in one more flea market right before Christmas... from there, I think we will be done for a while.

It has been a little over a year since we started donating and selling things.  The downsizing process has become much easier over time.  I find that the longer things are in storage, the easier it is to part with them.  In college, I read a small book on living simply that suggested the following exercise:
  1. Fill up a box (or boxes) with things that you are on the fence about getting rid of
  2. Put the box in storage for a few months
  3. Return to the box, do not open it
  4. Write down everything that you remember storing inside
  5. Empty the contents of the box
  6. Get rid of (donate/sell) everything that did not get on your list
You will be amazed at what you do not remember.  If you can't remember something after just a few weeks... is there really any value in having it in your life?  (maybe.... but probably not)

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