Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ma'alahi Tour - Guest Stateroom -

K's stateroom is a work in progress.  My experience (via online research) has been that the guest stateroom in the 42' Catalina is often referred to as "the garage".  We will be unable to have that mentality seeing that our plan is for M and K to share this room sometime in the future.

This room is tucked away in the aft starboard side of Ma'alahi (difficult to photograph).  It is equipped with a full size bed and has (relatively) generous clothing storage.  The guest stateroom has direct access to the guest bathroom.

This room was FULL of boat equipment when we took delivery of the boat.  There is still a lot of stuff (sails, cushions, etc) on the bed.   Please excuse the mess!

Entrance - looking starboard
Clothing Storage - three functional drawers (bottom "drawer" drops down for access to through holes)
Hanging Locker - lined with cedar and modified with cedar shelving
Looking directly stern - K's tent, miscellaneous equipment, and escape hatch (into cockpit)
K's Tent - see Sleeping Arrangements

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