Thursday, November 17, 2011

Managing Moisture & Mold Aboard

I few days ago, I was restocking the diaper supply in the master stateroom (our bulk diaper boxes are kept in bow locker (right behind the head of our bed).  I noticed that the plastic packaging around the diapers was damp.  Condensation... ugh!
Bow Locker
I emptied out the locker and gave it a vinegar wash.  With the locker emptied, I noticed a floorboard that I had never looked under.  The floorboard gave access to the whole forward portion of the hull (it is a lot more steep and narrow than it appears in the photo) - MOLD!!

Mold - Before Clean -
I had my whole upper torso in this compartment (pleasant).  Again, I sprayed the area with white vinegar, let it sit for a couple minutes, and dried it meticulously. 

-After Clean-
My hope is that we have covered most of the boat and I wont find any more of these unpleasant surprises.  

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