Monday, November 14, 2011

Wish you were here?

I received this, in the mail, the other day:

I love the idea behind this add.  T and I are diligently putting funds away in a "dream" fund, a little bit at a time, in hopes that we will be able to do some extended cruising. 

In the back of my mind, I am constantly brainstorming and keeping my eyes open for remote work opportunities that could produce small (I will take large too!) amounts of income.  Contract work for a business, writing, digital personal assistant, etc.  If T or I found a way to earn a modest income while traveling, it is possible that we could sustain cruising on a long term basis.  That is my dream.  IF we fall in love with cruising, the only thing that will truly limit our traveling possibilities will be lack of funds. 

So - to answer your question GoToMyPC - YES, I wish I was there! Although I will request that my boat be equipped with a forestay, anchor, and chain.  And, if it is necessary that I "lounge" on the foredeck... must I really lay on top of the hatch? 
Sorry... I couldn't help but find this amusing.  

Sarcasm aside, I have tested GoToMyPC and it is a great program that I hope to use in the future! 

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