Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo.

Sorry about the intermittent posting.  It is THAT time of year.

Over Thanksgiving weekend (Black Friday) T treated the kiddos and I to a day at the Woodland Park Zoo (in Seattle).  It was so much fun to see K connect the dots when she saw the first few animals.
We read a lot of books about animals ("Polar Bear Polar Bear... what do you hear" is permanently imprinted in my brain).  Up until this visit, K's experience with wild animals was all two dimensional.

When we entered the monkey exhibit, we saw a larger monkey that was near the glass.  We got up close to the glass...  K saw the monkey reach for some broccoli and stick it in his mouth.  K FREAKED.OUT. clearly because the MONKEY.MOVED.  Seeing her make the connection that all the animals we have been reading about ARE.ALIVE. was so much fun.
Otter and fish exhibit.
The meerkats and giraffes (all the moms, including myself were telling their kids "Look, it is Sofie!") were a big hit as well. 
Life size komodo dragon
I hope to continue to nurture our children's interest in nature, wildlife, and the environment as they get older.  It is never too early to start. 

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