Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Days

Things have been busy around Ma'alahi.

Last year, T and I started an involved membership application process for a well respected yacht club (off island).  I was contacted for an interview and had to make an unplanned trip off island late last week (with kids in tow).  Hopefully ::fingers crossed:: we will hear good news from the club soon (at which point I will happily talk further about the club and why we applied).  

I have also been decompressing from Miss K's second birthday party that we hosted at my in law's house - I will post photos soon.  I am so thankful that my in laws have offered their home to us so that we can entertain our friends without the hassles and hazards that would be involved with having people down to the boat (not to mention that Ma'alahi doesn't have a dining room table).  

We have been busy... but having a lot of fun too.  I am happy that we are staying put for a while.  It allows me to live in the moment with the kids.  
Miss K play inside her ducky blanket fort.
We are having fun.

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