Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick Kiddos, Wind Storms, and Big Projects

The last few weeks have consisted of big projects, impressive wind storms, and sick kiddos.  

I am not short of things to write about (in fact, I have a huge back-log of post ideas just waiting to materialize).  My in laws were out of town for a few weeks so I took full advantage of using their home as a staging area to go through storage unit boxes and try to thin out our personal property (yet again) and transfer, categorize, and catalog all the items we want to keep in "long term storage" from cardboard to plastic bins.  "Long Term Storage" meaning things that we want to keep in storage when we go cruising.  We are hoping to bite the bullet and make the switch to a heated 10X10 unit in April.

Last week the kiddos both got nasty colds.  This was only the second time K has been sick and M's first bug so giving them the extra TLC they needed and spoiling them with extra cuddle time was a treat.  
M fell asleep on the floor (totally out of character).
Asleep, with the TV on and K playing around him.  Poor kid.
K - AKA "walking dead" interested in watching me wash the puke off her clothes - that was a day.

Things starting to get back to normal.
In addition to dealing with "the plague" and the storage unit projects, I have been working on our families 2011 photobook, completing a sewing project (quilt) that has taken much longer than I ever expected, and trying desperately to get our grocery spending down all while learning the ins and outs of a gluten free diet (we are just trying it).

Friday Harbor was hit with two impressive wind storms over the last few weeks.  I tried to film the noise of the big storm... but the movie did not come close to doing the actual effects of the storm justice.  We saw gusts up to 60 MPH.  There were times (in the middle of the night) that I watched the hatch above our bed and just waited for the dinghy to blow away.  Ma'alahi made it through unscathed.  I would much rather be aboard our boat than in a house surrounded by tall trees.

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