Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cleaning Vinyl Cockpit Windows

The weather on our first overnight/weekend trip was amazing.  Enjoying the view through our cockpit windows while underway (with the sun reflecting brightly off the water) was NOT.

Dull Vinyl Windows w/ Salt Residue
T brought this product home:

Plexus Cleaner - Approximately $25
Simply spray product on vinyl windows, let sit for one to two minutes, and buff with a cotton rag/towel. 

 Easy nap time or after bed time project.  Very noticeable difference!

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  1. Great job, Andrea! You cleaned up your window in an instant spray without causing any scratches on it. Residues on windows must be immediately taken care of because chances are, it will stick longer to the window, and it’ll be hard to remove them out.

    Alejamuel Sultz