Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It is difficult to keep any sort of living area clean when you have two kids.  OR - in my case, it is difficult to keep my personal space clean because cleaning is not something I enjoy.  One of the things I like about living aboard is that I do not have a large area that I need to keep clean.

We have a responsibility to keep our boat clean.  I think having a clean boat is a boat thing.  We don't want people to walk by our boat and KNOW that we liveaboard just by the way Ma'alahi looks.  We don't leave stuff lying around the cockpit or decks.  We want to be able to leave without too much preparation and securing of things down bellow. 

Stuff is always accumulating on our desk.  I spent sometime cleaning it up today.  Here is the finished product:  


After... lets see how long this lasts!?


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