Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Trip of the Season!

We took Ma'alahi out for her first trip of the season (the weekend of May 5th).  Our family had such a great time that over the last two three and a half weeks (that is how long it took to finish this post!), I have been working my bum off to get the boat ready for Summer cruising.

We untied from the dock on Friday evening (after T got home from work) and headed northbound on San Juan Channel to the north side of Jone's Island.  We tied to an anchor buoy ($10/night), put the kids to bed, had hotdogs on the BBQ, and a well deserved drink.  This trip felt like a well earned reward for our making it through the winter living aboard (with a two and one year old).

Saturday morning, we rowed the dinghy to shore and walked around and explored with the kiddos.  K is not yet focused enough to go on a walk involving a specific destination, but as long as T and I do not have a real agenda, we are all happy.

M, 11 months old on Jone's Island
At about 10AM we headed further north to Sucia Island and tied to another anchor buoy ($12/night).  The weather was amazing and the kids were awesome!  T and I lounged on the beach and the kids pretty much entertained themselves with little need for our intervention (there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!).

Sucia Island
Sucia Island
This was also the first trip that we have taken Buddy (our labrador) out with us (usually we leave him with family or put him in the kennel).  He is NOT a boat or water dog.  He seemed a bit shaky and anxious while we were underway (we didn't sail) but he calmed down a little by the end of the weekend.

Buddy Holding down the "fort"
Buddy was able to get in and out of the dinghy and go up "on deck".  Thank GOD for the walk through stern!  We tried to get him to go to the bathroom on the bow/deck area with no success.  We are going to try to train him to go to the bathroom on a doormat with a line tied to it (so we can clean the mat by dipping it in the water).  I am sure there will be more to share on "boat training" the dog in the future. 

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