Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creature Comforts Aboard

So much of our (my) daily life consists of making sure that our kids are safe, healthy, and thriving emotionally and intellectually.

In July, when we spent a week at the Henry Island Seattle Yacht Club Outstation, I realized that we (adults) needed a little lifestyle treat.

ENO Doublenest Parachute Hammock
After a little research and (online) shopping, I ordered the ENO (Eagle's Nest Outfitters) Doublenest Parachute Hammock for $50.  This hammock is large (although not really comfortable when sharing with another person... but that may be personal preference) and has a 400 lb capacity.  It is also very compact, packing into a small (5" X 4") stuff bag when not in use.  Additionally, the entire hammock weighs 1lb 6 oz. 
Manufacturer Photo
I was able to spend a few precious hours in the hammock this summer.  Reading... daydreaming about the future. 

The weather was warm (perfect) when we spent the weekend in Bedwell Harbor (BC, Canada).  While the kids were asleep, I rested in the hammock and thought about all of the amazing and beautiful things that we are going to see from it in the future.  I thought about seeing glaciers, harsh mountain landscapes, and wildlife.  I thought about warm breezes and tropical air.  All from our new hammock. 

We are going to make it happen. 

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