Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leather Wheel Wrap

What started out as a well intended "afternoon project" turned into a fatiguing three day marathon.  I found a custom sized leather wheel cover kit (with foam) when I was sorting through our spare parts boxes (the prior owner purchased... but never installed).  I figured this project was perfect for me because I love sewing and it was marine related.

Research online has suggested that these kits can cost upwards of $300 (on the high end) and I figured there was no value in keeping it in storage. 

The thread that comes in the kit is very sticky and, at first, I disregarded the instruction's suggestion to wear sailing gloves to protect your hands (MAKE.SURE.YOU.WEAR.GLOVES) - the thread cuts right through skin.  After ever stitch, you have to pull the leather as tight as possible (hard on the hands even wear gloves) to insure that the interior foam is covered and the leather is stretched adequately.

Leather Installation - in process.
I am (and I think T is too) surprised at how happy I am with the finished product.  Our wheel is now pleasant to hold on to, it is not slippery, and, best of all, it is not cold (due to the interior foam adhesive wrap). 

Finished product.
Finishing this project involved many hours of sweaty labor and hundreds of stitches.  It was well worth it.  I can see how one could justify the expense of this added comfort/luxury. 

YouTube Boat Leather Instructions...

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