Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ma'alahi Tour - Cockpit -

One of the most invaluable features of our boat is its walk through stern.  We moor stern-in which allows us to load and unload the dog, kids, stroller, and groceries without having to climb up on deck and then step down into the cockpit.  
Swim step is un installed while at dock and stored to starboard.
Buddy, our yellow labrador retriever, lives in the cockpit.  He will not go down the companionway and we are OK with that (think of all the hair I don't have to clean up!).
Steering wheel is stored to starboard when not in use.
The cockpit is rather large and can easily seat six to eight people (four people can comfortably dine using the folding table).  Weather permitting, we prefer to eat dinner here (since we don't have a table in the galley).  The cockpit is set up to be fully enclosed, with canvas, so it can get pretty warm even on a mild/cloudy day. 
Seat Cushions are Bottom Siders - Buddy's bed is under folding table.
An additional feature that Catalina MKII's (and other models) have is the raised stern seats pictured to the port and starboard.  We have enjoyed these while at anchor when the kids are asleep and I imagine we would really enjoy using them while underway ... if we didn't have to constantly worry and watch the kids. 

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