Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bathing & Showering Routines

Do we shower/bath aboard Ma'alahi?  

T and I have not showered aboard the boat YET.  T goes to the local gym every morning and showers after he exercises.  I take a 9 minute shower every other day at the port building ($1.50 for five minutes and an additional $.25/minute).  

When we were searching for the right boat, one of the things we were hoping to get was a shower area separate from the main head.  Ma'alahi does not have this feature.  

I, thus far, have preferred to go up to the port building because I can get some time away from the kids and I do not have to worry about the electricity consumption of my hairdryer.  

To stay "fresh" between showers, we have used baby wipes (good for just about everything) and I have tried dry shampoo (which is surprisingly refreshing).  We have a solar shower as well but have not used it.  

We are not necessarily adverse to showering aboard, we have just had convenient enough access to other bathing options.  We try to keep the interior of the boat as dry and de-humidified as possible.  

The kids are easy to keep clean.  K and M get their baths every other day in an infant/toddler bath tub that I usually use in the stern of the boat (the weather has been really nice) or the guest head (so splashed water can drain).   The bath tub has a reclined chair on one side (for M until he can sit up unsupported) and an upright chair on the other side (for K).  When not being used, we store the tub in the guest head (which we do not use). 

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