Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turn Island.

I was really hoping to make a weekend trip to Victoria, BC this weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather report was forecasting 20-35 knot winds in the Straight of Juan de Fuca for Sunday (when we would be making the trip back).  T was the responsible one and called off the trip.  (The forecast turned out to be accurate and I would NOT have wanted to be out with the kids in that kind of wind!) 

Instead of sitting at the dock all weekend, Ma'alahi made a very quick and easy trip to Turn Island (County Park).  We untied from the dock in Friday Harbor at 5:50PM and were at an anchor buoy by 6:20PM.  We got the kids to bed by 7:15 and were able to enjoy dinner and drinks in the cockpit while it got dark. 

The sky was very clear and we were able to see a ton of stars and constellations. 
Ma'alahi on the San Juan County Anchor Buoy - $10/night - check out time is 1:00PM
 On Saturday morning we dinghied the kids to the island and walked around for a while and enjoyed the beach despite a distinct fall chill that is becoming the norm. 
(K-making water safety adorable)
 (M- snoozing in his life jacket)
Ma'alahi was back in her berth by 3:30PM with ample time to clean and enjoy the remainder of our weekend in town.

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