Monday, July 25, 2011

Ma'alahi Tour -Master Head-

The master head is accessed through a stern facing door in the master stateroom.  There is no teak/wood in the interior (YAY!!).  There is semi-separate area to shower (neither of us has taken a shower aboard as of yet).


Full length mirror installed on inside of head door:

Note: There is a water tight cubby next to sink intended for garbage - this is where my hair dryer, iron, and straightener are stored.  

Interior of vanity:

Bottom of Vanity:
Note - small cubby next to toilet is a water tight place to stow toilet paper.

Solar Ventilation & Garbage:

Soap Dispensers for Showering: 
Note - you can see that there is a heavy duty vinyl shower curtain that extends around the area to keep the door and vanity dry when showering.

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