Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tribal Canoe Journey (TCJ)

Last Friday, 7/22/11, I was walking the kiddos up the dock to change our laundry around before T got home from work.  It was a great surprise to see 10-12 Native American Canoes arrive and tie up on our dock.
 From what I was able to find out - each boat belongs to a tribe/family.  This event was started in 1989 and has continued annually since.  Tribes from hundreds of miles away (US & Canada) all journey to a host tribe for an event where they gather and share in their traditions.

I found the following on the TCJ Website
     "During TCJ, families and friends from afar reunite as the canoes travel to the host tribe. The canoe families paddle for an average of eight hours each day, taking breaks on support boats or beaches as necessary. After a full day of paddling, the canoe families stop overnight at designated tribal locations or specified towns to camp, eat, rest, and share songs and dances during the evening. When the tide is right and the conditions are safest the canoes head out again until finally they reach the host site."

What an amazing trip!

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