Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red Rock Crab - our first scavenging experience

I purchased my crabbing license last week for $17.  I dropped my husband's collapsible crab pot off the dock on the off chance that I could be successful. 

We caught three red rock crabs (supposedly as tasty as dungeness... I am not sure I would go that far).  After watching numerous videos on YouTube about how to kill/clean crabs we went for it with success.  We choose to pressure cook them to minimize shell fish odor.  

It was a good learning experience and the finished product was decent.  However, when I drop the pot again, I am going to hold off for a nice large dungeness.  The meat of the Red Rock crab was decent but the crab itself is much smaller than dungeness and it was far too much work to get the meat from the shell.  Despite my best effort, there ended up being a lot of shell in the meat.  Lesson learned. 

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