Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Background - Looking for Simplicity -

We moved to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island after getting married in 2007.  T and I grew up in suburban Seattle.  We loved visiting San Juan Island (we moored our first boat there) and decided that we could pursue a "simple" lifestyle by purchasing a large piece of land and attempt to have a hobby farm when we were not working.  

We purchased a gorgeous nine acre parcel in the center of the island.  Our property had multiple outbuildings, an orchard, pond, two large pastures, as well as a manufactured home that we had intended on replacing with traditional construction. 

We attempted to grow our own food (rather unsuccessfully) and raise egg laying hens and beef cattle.  After three years on the property, we started to grow very tired of the constant maintenance and mowing.  I developed serious allergies to hay/grass and was unable to help around the property.  

After a lot of reflection (and some research that I will write about in future posts), we decided to sell our property and look into purchasing a boat to live aboard.  This decision came shortly after we found out we were expecting our second baby. 

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