Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kiddos are not confined...

Establishing a routine has been a focus of mine since M's arrival.  When people hear that we are living aboard with kids they often express a concern for our kids ability to "run and play" in their home. 

So far, this has not been an issue AT ALL.  I make sure that K gets outside and plays at least once everyday.  Reflecting on our lifestyle before we moved aboard I know that she did not get outside daily.  Our whole family benefits from the deliberate act of getting outside.  I have been getting much more exercise since having M than I did after I had K due to the simple fact that I need to walk about 1/4 of a mile, up a hill, with the kids in the stroller, to simply get to the car.  Depending on what our plans are for the day, I will sometimes walk into town and keep the car parked all day.  Anyhow, the kids get a lot of fresh air and K gets plenty of exercise. 

We have found (and think that) kids are extremely adaptable to their environment.  I have not noticed anything different about K's personality or behavior since moving aboard (other than adjusting to the new baby).  K exceeds all of the motor skill benchmarks for her age range and is right on track verbally. 

My gut instinct is that she is thriving in our new living environment.  We are all happy. 

Here K is letting off a little steam in our "living room"...

 By the way... we have a smiling baby boy... (M - 10 weeks)

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  1. Sweet pic of your baby boy and your little runner. Can't wait to be back on a boat!