Friday, August 12, 2011

Sucia - Ma'alahi's First Trip!

We received M's passport book last Thursday (8/4).  T and I both got excited at the prospect of travel with our kids.  We decided that we should keep our first trip as simple as possible (although it was very tempting to head straight for Victoria).  

We untied from the dock at 8AM and were on an anchor buoy ($10/night) in Fossil Bay (Sucia Island) by 10:30AM. 

K's behavior was awesome during the trip - I occupied her with crayons (which I reserve for special times when I need her to be confined to her chair), read her stories, and gave her a special breakfast.  M slept most of the time - I think he found the sound and movement of the boat soothing.  

Bellow is the first side profile picture we have of the boat.  T and I both agreed that Ma'alahi looks a lot larger at anchor. 

The sun made an appearance as soon as we arrived.  We have a water baby!  (COLD!!)

 Seeing how much K loved the beach and exploring the area makes me confident that we are providing our kids with an adventurous, educational, and stimulating environment. 

I LOVED that we had our home with us.  Everything we could reasonably need was aboard with us.  The kids went to sleep easily because they were home.

T and I sat on the stern as it started to get dark and both agreed that all of the material and lifestyle sacrifices we have made are worth it for the ability to do things like this.  We are so lucky.

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