Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ma'alahi Tour - Living Room -

This is our living room, dining room, media room, etc.  The best decision that we made with this space is to remove the large table (see round table mounts in floor).  This allows for adequate playing/lounging space for our family.  We have also found the "marine leather" upholstery to be invaluable - it is easy to clean (think spit up).  

We have discussed purchasing a rug for this area to increase comfort.  We are holding off on that investment for a while because the floor is so easy to clean.

Facing Forward:
Note:  M's Clothing is stored inside the forward cabinet.  The children's books are stored in the cabinet just aft of M's cabinet.

Toy Storage & Baby Gate: 
Note - Baby gate blocks access to kitchen and companion way.  Toys are rotated out to provide K with variety. 

Port Settee:
TV, M's Bassinet, & K's high chair storage

Facing Starboard: 
This is where the table can be installed.  The table can drop down and convert to a double bed (the insert is stored under the master stateroom bed).

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