Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black Butte Ranch - Central Oregon Vacation -

T's family has deep roots in the Central Oregon (Bend/Sisters) area.  T took Labor Day WEEK off work so we could make the 8 hour (including ferry time) trip to Black Butte Ranch.  Transporting the kids for that long of a drive requires (for our own sanity) an overnight in the Seattle area (where my mom lives) to break up the travel time.  The long drive and chaos of traveling with the kids, all of their equipment and accessories, and the dog is well worth it:

The view from T's family's condominium

One of the things we love about Central Oregon is that it is so much different than the San Juan Islands and all of Western Washington.  The area is considered "high desert" and there is something distinctly different about the trees and topography.  
Beautiful Aspens
There are lava fields, mountains, and different (to us) wildlife everywhere.  Put simply, we LOVE it because it is different

T fly fishing in the pond on the ranch (we are both beginners with interest in advancing)

K - 18 months, M - 4 Months

This trip does not have anything to do with cruising, the dreams of cruising, or the direct experience of living aboard.  But - GET.THIS. - Our deliberate choice to live a minimalist lifestyle has given us more opportunities to take these "side trips" than when we were land-bound.  Travel, education (exploring, learning about, and appreciating our surroundings), and quality family time are important to us.  We believe living aboard has allowed us to focus more on these things.

What we are doing is not right for everyone... but, so far, it is right for us.

Black Butte Ranch Website


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