Thursday, October 20, 2011

Water Safety - Swimming -

One of our major concerns about living aboard a boat, with kids, is water safety.  K is at an age where she is not scared of ANYTHING.  If we were to allow K to walk around on the dock... she would likely be in the water within 30 seconds (just a guess).  I know there is a developmental stage where toddlers acquire a rational sense of danger and of what is dangerous.  K is not there yet.  

K wears a life jacket whenever she is outside of the cabin of the boat and not contained in her high chair.

There is a fine line that we need to walk.  We do not want K to be scared of water... but we want her to understand that it can be dangerous.

T takes K to the "open swim" at the local fitness club every few weeks.  We want her to become a confident swimmer and have respect for the environment around her.  

K swimming with daddy

K has not had any formal swim lessons yet.  We did find some helpful resources (a DVD and books) at the library about how to introduce babies to the water in a non-traumatic way. 

Water hazards are (in our opinion) the number one threat to our children's safety.  We are going to continue to do everything we can to keep our kids as safe as possible.  

This will be an ongoing topic... more to come...

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