Friday, October 28, 2011

Ma'alahi Tour - Galley/Kitchen -

Adjusting to a marine galley has been difficult.  Ma'alahi has one of the better and more spacious galley designs out of all the boats we were considering.  
The Galley - located on the stern port side
Ma'alahi's galley is equipped with a 700 watt microwave.  The microwave theoretically can be used while at anchor, however, as general practice, we only use it when hooked up to shore power.

Dishes, bowls and cups are stored on the fixture above the sink.

There is an additional ice box (without refrigeration unit) just bellow the dehumidifier (next to the sink).  Tupperware and dry food goods (flour, sugar, etc) are stored inside.

The countertops are made of corian.
Double Sink, Brita Water Filter, Cabinet w/ Cleaning Supplies
Three Burner Gimballed Princess Propane Stove (Bakeware is stored inside the oven)
Storage behind stove/refrigerator
Top and Side Access Refrigerator/Freezer
"The Cave"/Pantry
Folding Counter-top & Garbage Can
We keep a large garbage can aboard.  We fill the can (mostly with diapers) about every other day.  We remove garbage from the boat so frequently that we have not had to deal with icky diaper smell.
Silverware Storage (container is on pivot)
Cupboard forward of Microwave (storage for cooking utensils and oils)
Cupboard aft of Microwave (storage for snacks, mugs, and toaster)
Swinging Spice Rack (just to stern of refrigerator)
Pantry - Top (Cookware, Pressure Cooker, and Measuring Cups)
Pantry - Center (Food Storage)
Pantry - Bottom (TBD... a lot of space though!)

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