Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Great Purge

Excuse the mess...

This is how my social life plays out 90% of the time...
  1. Someone, I like and want to get to know, says, "Call me... lets get together with the kids and [insert fun activity]!"
  2. I get totally excited at the prospect and think to myself, "When I get the boat all cleaned up and organized... I am going to call her"
  3. I get the boat clean and organized.
  4. I then run through a mental list of other projects that I need to tackle.
  5. A cloud of guilt and lack of ambition sets in as I picture the storage unit: 
Believe it or not, we have made a lot of progress...

We have a 12'X24' unit that we pay $130/month for.  The unit is a GREAT.DEAL.  Because IT.HAS.A.LOFT:
More STUFF!!!

My ability to get rid of things has evolved as time has passed.  We have had three garage sales (with an approximate take home of about $2,000).  Everything that is near the front of the storage unit is part of the "sell pile" (there will be two more garage sales this Fall).  I have had enough time away from the contents of a lot of these boxes to realize that we don't need a lot of the things we have acquired.

I have also realized that if something has not sold in the first three garage sales, the most productive thing I can do is get rid of it (take it to the thrift store).  This has helped get some of the clutter out.  

We do not plan on getting rid of everything.  We had a larger wedding and received a lot of nice kitchen-y gifts and decor that I want to keep.  We will likely wait to sell a lot of our furniture until we know FOR SURE (as sure as one can be) that we intend on extended cruising.  

We are young.  We are suppose to be asking our family for nice hand-me-down formal dinnerware, art, furniture, etc.  Instead we are giving things to them.  It feels backwards and against how we, in a consumption focused culture, have been raised.

At the same time, it feels extremely cleansing and right. 

I get dizzy and slightly nauseous writing about this.  To be continued...

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  1. You are an amazing lady! Loved seeing you and the family today...