Monday, October 24, 2011

Marine Dehumidifier - Managing Humidity

One of the main challenges for liveaboards is managing moisture, humidity, and condensation issues. 

In an effort to bring down humidity aboard Ma'alahi, we recently purchased the Eva-Dry 2200 Electric Dehumidifier from Amazon ($85):
Manufacturer's Product Description
We have seen a noticeable drop in humidity with the Eva-Dry (a 10-15% decrease).  We keep it running at night and during the day when the kids and I are running errands.  It is about as loud as a table fan.

To supplement the central heat and dehumidifier we use DampRid: 
According to DampRid's website, "... white calcium chloride crystals absorb excess moisture in the air, bringing humidity to an ideal and safe level..."  We use this product primarily in our bilge and it does appear to be effective (evident through water in the bottom of the container).  Our experience with DampRid is that it, used alone, will not reduce humidity drastically.    

T had a few of these marine dehumidifiers on his first boat (Pacific Seacraft 28').  He has an indifferent opinion on these and said that he did not see a noticeable change in humidity.  (They are in our garage sale pile). 

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  1. Living in the desert, we have the opposite problem and need a humidifier! Maybe we should figure out how to get your damp air here and my dry air there! LOL

    Visiting from voiceBoks
    Thanks, Becky Jane